My Story

My journey with soap making starts with a not so beautiful story, but it ends good! It all started when I looked over my neighbors fence & saw what I thought was a dead baby goat. I saw this goat born a few days prior, he was strong and healthy. But now there was no movement in him, until one of the other babies jumped on him and I saw the slightest jerk in him. My neighbor saw me and came out. Frantic, I told him something was wrong with his goat but he assured me he was dead. I told him I saw him move but he said there was no way he would make it and if I wanted him I could take him. 

Now the laws of nature would tell you that this baby shouldn’t have made it, he was cold and stiff, he felt like death, and I had no idea what to do with a goat. But miracles have no rules or laws to abide by, so with that and a whole lot of love, time and milk, he made it. He holds a very special place in my heart.

Motley needed friends and now he has our herd of girls to roam with. I knew goat milk was very nutritious so I knew I would want to breed them & milk them which eventually led me to the soap world. Once I made my first batch of soap I was instantly hooked and knew I wanted to share the amazing benefits of homemade goats milk soap with family, friends and people! I hope you all enjoy the soap as much as I enjoy making it! 

- Jess (Owner, Creator)